The Cast of Characters at My House

I live in a small town in Northern California amongst the flies and the 100+ degree summer heat (in a house without central air). You’ll excuse us if we’re a wacky bunch. Let me introduce you to everyone.

First, there’s me. The consummate professional, there is never a hair out-of-place on my head, my makeup is always flawless, and my house is always spotless as can be seen in evidence below:

Then there’s my DH (darling Husband), S. Since his heart attack in June of 2012 he has really taken life much more seriously and has really calmed down. See, he’s only trying to make one chicken dance here and he’s not even wearing it on his head.

All of our children have four legs and fur which makes it a lot cheaper to raise them and people don’t look at us funny when we walk them on leash to the dog park.

Our pack elder is Magic. The DH had her when we got married. I love her like she’s my own even though the sun rises and sets on her daddy.

When we got married the DH promised me I could get a Chihuahua. I looked online for a local rescue and saw a cute pup named “Charlie” (which is also my father-in-laws name) through a great rescue organization called Tri-Valley Animal Rescue (TVAR for short). When I called Charlie was no longer available but I was told there were other dogs available and to come by the foster mother’s house. There I met a wiry, skinny little boy named Benny and it was love at first sight. He rode in my lap the entire way home and when we drove up my DH said all he remembers is it looking like Benny was driving himself home. Turns out Benny is part Chihuahua, part Jack Russell Terrier and part Satan. His first week home he ate an entire box of chocolate covered cookies that were FACTORY sealed in plastic and sitting up on my coffee table. And, he didn’t get sick at all. He’s evil, but cute.

Finally, there’s Sophie (who came to us as Sasha). A former co-worker was in a really bad place and needed to find Sophie a home. So, me being the total sucker I am, I said “sure, we’ll take her in and foster her.” I’m an idiot. I fully admit it. I have a love affair with Dachshunds. I adore them. I had a senior one named Zelda that we had for the last few months of her life and I loved her. So, when this Chihuahua/Dachshund mix came home with us I pretty much was lost to her wiley ways. She is a total mama’s girl and is happy to follow me everywhere. She has her own special place in my office for when I’m writing.

So, this is the crazy cast of characters that make my life interesting every day. And, this doesn’t even begin to describe my friends. Now they’re really, really crazy.

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