Sometimes My Muse is a Fickle Bitch Who Argues Physics

So, I’m plugging away working on plotting my novel when BAM, all of a sudden this other story idea will not stop annoying me. I mean, I cannot stop thinking about it and dreaming about it and obsessing about it.

Originally this story idea was from a dream I had (I know, a bit too Twilightesque for you). I wrote it down in my idea book and set it aside as I began working on my cowboys. Now it won’t leave me alone. And, far be it from me to argue with these characters. When they speak to me I listen.

I’m now working in an entirely new direction, getting way more stuff done and having more ideas pour out of me than when I was trying to force it with my Homeboy. Don’t worry though; Homeboy is just on the back burner for now. I plan to return to him to tell his story.

Until that time, I’m working on a a book where my main character was arguing with me last night about the Law of Conservation of Mass with regard to a rat shifter. Really, I actually had an argument with her about how a 5′ 2″ tall woman could shift into a rat the size of a small cat. I finally had to give up around 10:30 and go to bed. But, of course, she wouldn’t shut up and about 30 minutes later the hubby was pissed when I turned the light on to write some idea out on paper.

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