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I’m Back…

Life really gets in the way of writing and I find myself over a year later realizing I haven’t written a thing on my blog. I have, however, written the prologue to my book. And it’s good. Damn good. Now … Continue reading

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Sometimes My Muse is a Fickle Bitch Who Argues Physics

So, I’m plugging away working on plotting my novel when BAM, all of a sudden this other story idea will not stop annoying me. I mean, I cannot stop thinking about it and dreaming about it and obsessing about it. … Continue reading

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Sometimes the Awesome Is Just Too Much for Me

So, I troll Facebook a lot. And, as such, I end up finding some pretty brilliant things that either inspire my writing or make me laugh really, really hard. Well, today, the awesome was just too much for me because … Continue reading

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We Have A Name

After much soul searching, a couple of cookies, a cup of coffee and a look through my ideas notebook, I have the first book ready to write. And, cue the confetti and drum roll please, the name of the first … Continue reading

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Creating Story Boards

I started my first story board this week and then life got in the way (which, let me tell you, really does suck). So, now the weekend is here, I’m feeling better and I’m back at the story board. For … Continue reading

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78 Pounds of Tomatoes Later

My sister and I decided to can tomatoes. 78 pounds of tomatoes we picked today. I am exhausted.

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And Now For Everything Else

One thing that is awesome about erotica (and romances in general) is the fact that the sky’s the limit when it comes to story lines. There are as many genre in erotica as there are genres in mainstream fiction. But, … Continue reading

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What Are You Reading??

There is a rabid popularity right now for the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Everyone seems to be all atwitter about a book that explores a BDSM relationship. Well, I’m here to tell you that this book gets it wrong. … Continue reading

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The Cast of Characters at My House

I live in a small town in Northern California amongst the flies and the 100+ degree summer heat (in a house without central air). You’ll excuse us if we’re a wacky bunch. Let me introduce you to everyone. First, there’s … Continue reading

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I Am Such a Fan Girl

I read. A lot. I’m talking about at least 500 books (or more) a year. I can rip through a 700 page book on my Nook in under a day. It takes a lot to make me sit up and … Continue reading

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