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Sometimes My Muse is a Fickle Bitch Who Argues Physics

So, I’m plugging away working on plotting my novel when BAM, all of a sudden this other story idea will not stop annoying me. I mean, I cannot stop thinking about it and dreaming about it and obsessing about it. … Continue reading

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Sometimes the Awesome Is Just Too Much for Me

So, I troll Facebook a lot. And, as such, I end up finding some pretty brilliant things that either inspire my writing or make me laugh really, really hard. Well, today, the awesome was just too much for me because … Continue reading

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We Have A Name

After much soul searching, a couple of cookies, a cup of coffee and a look through my ideas notebook, I have the first book ready to write. And, cue the confetti and drum roll please, the name of the first … Continue reading

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Creating Story Boards

I started my first story board this week and then life got in the way (which, let me tell you, really does suck). So, now the weekend is here, I’m feeling better and I’m back at the story board. For … Continue reading

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78 Pounds of Tomatoes Later

My sister and I decided to can tomatoes. 78 pounds of tomatoes we picked today. I am exhausted.

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I Am an Artist

I have always surrounded myself with artistic types – painters, actors, producers, poets and the like – but have never considered myself an artist until a friend of mine recently said something like “us artistic types” when referring to me. … Continue reading

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Wow, Writing is Actually A Business

I’ve been researching the business aspect of my writing career and have come to discover it really is a business. I know the reality of the industry is not even close to my little fantasy which goes something like this: … Continue reading

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Making Messes

When I organize things I seem to create a HUGE mess during the whole process. Case in point, my office. I really needed a wall free for posting notes, installing my bulletin board and putting up a new white board. … Continue reading

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Really Honey, It’s Research

I belong to several groups both on Facebook and on Goodreads that are places where women (and some men) come to share their love of hot books, hot men, and every kinky bit in between. I find myself perusing the … Continue reading

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What Inspires Me

I find inspiration in so many places. One of the main places seems to be my very vivid dreams. People who know me know I have epic, technicolor blockbuster dreams with a huge cast of characters that span multiple nights. … Continue reading

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